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We seek out moments of awe, wonder and imagination.  Ping Interactive Studio aims to create those moments by making interactive public art .

What We Do

Ping Interactive is a Toronto-based creative technology studio that specializes in blending digital and physical installations that immerse audiences in interactive sound, light and movement.  From interactive LED light sculptures to audio-reactive music videos, Ping works with its clients and collaborators to create an engaging experience for all audiences.   

We've worked with businesses, places and festivals such as MakeRoom x ArtworxTO, Light Up The Square Festival, Avling Brewery, Long Winter Toronto, InterAccess’ VectorFest, Gallery 345, and 918 Bathurst Cultural Centre.


Ping Interactive believes in building meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us through shared, imaginative experiences.




Want to Collaborate?

Email Ping Interactive Studio with ideas, inquiries and questions.  


phone: 416-272-4279

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